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What is Aidpage... People Helping People

 in response to belle14007...   

You're kidding, right? "invited"? when people extend "invitations," they don't ask to be paid.

This is my first visit to this terrific website.

I'm a single mom of twin teens, take care of my 84 y.o. mom, can't find a job, "overqualified" is what I've been told, 52 may be the real reason, no health insurance, one month behind on mortgage, one week away from utilities cut off, selling home items on ebay for $$, and diagnosed as schizophrenic and manic despressive.

My son applied for an academic program in DC where they go to class 6 days a week, debate current issues every evening, live in a college dorm, learn how our government works and earn a semester of credit if they pass the test. He is planning a law career to help the needy. He has to raise every dollar to go. He is writing every single person he can think of and is working to earn his money. He has a 3.5 GPA, will earn his Eagle Scout this summer and go on at least one Church Mission trip in the rural South. It would never dawn on him to post a request here for money to go to Europe on a sight seeing trip when there are posts up and down the page here from people who are just trying their best to keep a home for their children, food on the table and gas in the car to go to work.

Did you even read the plight of these families and individuals who have posted their stories here? After reading them, I am going to pray for these families because I am grateful for what I have and see that so many are less fortunate than our family.

Advice to you to go on your dream travel summer: Get a job. Do some local fundraising by seeing what you can do for others to earn a little money. Think it over again - is going to Europe this summer really all that important or would there be an opportunity in your community to help children learn to read, assist the seniors who have no one or raise a little money for those who are hungry?

Then Pray for those less fortunate than you. And be grateful for America.

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